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GAIHH is a non-profit organisation founded in 2021, in response to the emerging mental health crisis being faced in Australia and around the world as a result of the policies implemented to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. ​GAIHH aims to provide a safe and supportive online environment for the general public who may feel confused, stressed, depressed, and/or isolated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and policies.


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COVERSE is an Australian public non-profit corporation, dedicated to improving support for Australian residents who have been injured by a COVID-19 vaccine. They were established in mid-2022 by a group of professionals who connected with each other online while trying to find answers to our health problems that the COVID-19 vaccines had caused.

Due to the vacuum of information and support (created in part due to government neglect and medical abandonment), they decided that it was necessary to establish a peak-body for the many thousands of other Australians suffering untreated and ongoing health challenges brought on by their COVID-19 vaccinations.

Their organisation is 100% in the hands of COVID-19 vaccine-injured Australians — from the founders to the directors and to their volunteers.

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